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10 Sep
Recipient of "Courage in Learning Award" Selected
At the upcoming Fundraiser Gala in Phoenix, Arizona on October 5, 2013, ULC Board Member, Paul Hopkins, will be...
20 Aug
Invitation from Board Member, Paul D. Hopkins
Family and friends, It is a great honor to request your attendance and support of a non-profit organization that...
29 Jul
Challenge Accepted!
On Facebook recently, we had a potential donor offer $100 if we could find another five donors via Facebook to...

Who we are?

The Universal Learning Centre (ULC) is a U.S.-based nonprofit organization whose goal is:

“To provide educational resources and learning opportunities for people living in developing countries.”

Poverty and illiteracy prevent individuals and communities from excelling socially and economically. ULC aims to address these challenges by making available modern learning centres/libraries in developing countries. These learning centres will include the latest educational resources and programs that focus on improving literacy rates and key skills and capabilities vital for both individual and collective prosperity.

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