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Wednesday, 12 October 2011 10:52
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The values of the ULC, its Board of Directors, staff and volunteers are ideals that guide our actions and relationships. Those values govern our professional conduct and are inherent to each of the ULC’s goals. 

First and foremost, respect for human life and compassion are values important to ULC. The Board of Directors will foster and support among its volunteers and staff: 

    • A commitment to quality education 
    • Fairness and equality 
    • Tolerance and acceptance of others 
    • Professional competence 
    • Leadership 
    • Desire to improve the world we share 

And foster a work environment in which staff and volunteers:

    • Contribute ideas freely 
    • Are innovative and creative 
    • Assume responsibility for their actions 
    • Enjoy and take pride in their work 
    • Constantly improve their own education and knowledge base 
    • Encourage resource centre users to fully utilize resource centre materials and resources
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