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10 Sep
Recipient of "Courage in Learning Award" Selected
At the upcoming Fundraiser Gala in Phoenix, Arizona on October 5, 2013, ULC Board Member, Paul Hopkins, will be presenting the first "Courage in...
20 Aug
Invitation from Board Member, Paul D. Hopkins
Family and friends, It is a great honor to request your attendance and support of a non-profit organization that has become my passion these...
29 Jul
Challenge Accepted!
On Facebook recently, we had a potential donor offer $100 if we could find another five donors via Facebook to contribute $100 each to pay for the...
04 Jul
Upcoming Trip to Haiti
A team of volunteers will be traveling to Haiti later this summer.  Among the activities planned for the trip are: A movie night for local...
20 Apr
Executive Director Honored by Friends of Allen Public Library
At the annual meeting of the Friends of Allen Public Library in Allen, Texas, ULC's Executive Director, Dana Jean was named "Volunteer of the Year"...
15 Mar
Major Gift Received!
Upon return from our trip to Haiti in February 2013, ULC received a gift of $35,000, designated for educational projects in Haiti and dedicated to...
19 Feb
Two Sites Opened!
ULC-Ouanaminthe and ULC-Ferrrier are officially open for business.  On February 12th, we help grand openings for both sites, after nearly a week...
24 Jan
ULC Founder Recognized by National Association of Haitian Professionals
Founder, Jacques Jean, was recently asked for an interview by the National Association of Haitian Professionals.  Questions were geared towards...
24 Jan
Digital Photos at New Sites
A challenge we have at ULC is getting up-to-date photos of our sites.  Our trips are limited to once or twice per year, so we rely on updates...
21 Dec
Are You an AA Frequent Flyer?
Do you fly with American Airlines frequently?  Do you have miles that you haven't used or don't plan on using?  Do you have miles you'd...
20 Dec
LAST CHANCE to make a donation in 2012!  Remember, ULC is a 501c3 nonprofit organization and when you donate to us, your donation is...
28 Nov
Upcoming Trip to Haiti
Want to be part of the action?  A team from ULC will be heading to Haiti -- Ouanaminthe & Ferrier, to be specific -- in the very near future...
22 Nov
Thankful on Thanksgiving!
The gift and impending arrival of the books from Canada to our new sites in Ouanaminthe and Ferrier, Haiti is only one reason we at ULC are thankful...
05 Nov
Annual Report & IRS 990
Look what we've accomplished!  It's our first Annual Report! Our first Annual Report reports on the year 2011 with a progress report for 2012....
31 Oct
Books Have Shipped!
It's official!  The shipment of books has left Canada and is en route to Haiti!  The shipping will take approximately a month, so the books...
Written by Dana Jean
Friday, 21 October 2011 17:51
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Allen, Texas, USA, 26 August 2011 - Universal Learning Centre is pleased to announce that the Parliament Foundation of Quebec has once again granted the organization 25,000 to open a library in Haiti. The second of its libraries, the new facility will be located in Ouanaminthe, which is in the north east of the country, along the border of the Dominican Republic.

Ounaminthe currently does not have a public library, although there are several small private collections of books owned by schools and local nonprofit organizations. Universal Learning Centre will be the first of its type and looks forward to partnering with the people of Ouanaminthe to bring supplemental educational resources to the community.

Important information about Ouanaminthe, Haiti: 

  • Population = estimated 100,000 (this figure may be out of date as Mayor Rony Pierre indicates there are now more than 120,000 residents)
  • The average resident makes less than $400 annually
  • 90% of the residents occupy very small, 2-3 room homes
  • No water, electricity or sewage in the average home
  • Most residents do not have what would be considered "full-time" employment
  • The vast majority of the residents are Christian
  • Virtually all roads are dirt with major holes and uneven surfaces making travel to other town difficult
  • Ouanaminthe is walking distance to the border between Haiti and the Dominican Republic

Universal Learning Centre is a U.S.-based nonprofit organization whose goal is: To provide educational resources and learning opportunities for people living in developing countries.

Poverty and illiteracy prevent individuals and communities from excelling socially and economically. ULC aims to address these challenges by making available modern learning centres/libraries in developing countries. These learning centres will include the latest educational resources and programs that focus on improving literacy rates and key skills and capabilities vital for both individual and collective prosperity.

Libraries play pivotal roles in the economic and civic structure of the communities they serve and act as agents of change. They help to stabilize communities and in return, those communities enable their citizenry to accomplish both individual and collective goals that were previously unattainable.

For more information, please contact us at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it or 602-904-5363 (Skype).

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