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ULC Proposed Library Front View ULC Proposed Library Front ViewUniversal Learning Centre (ULC) views its efforts as a series of projects, or long-term endeavors, undertaken to create a unique product along with relevant services, namely learning centres that provide access to educational resources and learning opportunities, that will have a lifetime impact on the communities we serve. A project can range anywhere from simple to elaborate, for example a small collection of reference materials or a full-scale library resource center with a full range of technology and information services. All projects require a collaborative and partnership approach with the community as we engage the community in aspects at all levels of each project.

We serve our communities with efficiency, competence and compassion. Within our organization, our projects are the focal point of earnest thought and targeted action, backed by extensive professional knowledge and the global experience of our Board of Directors and other supporters. We aim for community satisfaction underscored by sustained confidence in our facilities and services, and thus put great effort in the planning and development of our projects. Our communities derive added benefit by working hand-in-hand with us to ensure that the projects are indeed designed to meet their specific needs. Each project and its related services represent a total package for the communities we serve, as we combine expert professional knowledge with the ability to deliver the desired end result to communities in need.

ULC's learning centres, much like public libraries in the developed world, will consist of high quality collections of information, resources, and services, and structures in which the collections will be housed. Centres will provide a wide range of services. Patrons can borrow books, perform research using print or other information resources, attend a workshop, or engage in a whole host of additional activities. Whether accessing a centre computer to check e-mail or referencing documents to research topics, patrons will enjoy a stream of benefits from using the centre.

According to the Strategic Plan 2012-2015, the ULC Board of Directors decided that by 2015, the organization will establish four fully-functioning centres in Haiti. Currently, ULC has three long-term, ongoing projects in Haiti:  ULC-Pilate, ULC-Ouanaminthe and ULC-Ferrier.  We are also considering additional communities for future sites.  The first site opened was ULC-Pilate, in December 2009.  The next sites to open, simultaneously, were ULC-Ouanaminthe and ULC-Ferrier, in February, 2013. 

ULC Tiered Strategy:

ULC leases its sites initially while establishing a presence in the community and identifying land for a long-term site.  When planning for such a site, ULC takes a tiered approach, determining the size of a centre by the size of the population served.

  • Tier 1 centre will measure 17,000 square feet
  • Tier 2 centre will measure 12,000 square feet 
  • Tier 3 centre will measure 9,000 square feet
  • Tier 4 centre will measure 6,000 square feet 

The tiered approach allows the organization to focus efforts in such a way as to leverage resources and best utilize funding.

ULC Tier 1 Library First Floor ULC Tier 1 Library First Floor ULC Tier 1 Library Second Floor ULC Tier 1 Library Second Floor

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